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Holmes Chapel, Crewe, UK

Job Type


About the Role

As CommuniCARe becomes more widely used, more drivers will be very welcome! Could you consider volunteering to be a driver and part of this worthwhile service? Drivers can be very specific in what they wish to offer, for example:

- Willing to drive to local appointments only / within a 20 mile radius / further afield
- Time wise – one day a week / one day a fortnight / mornings only / not on a certain day etc
- Unable to offer a lift to any needing a walker / wheel chair

The majority of venues have parking arrangement with CommuniCARe therefore no parking charges and venues are very understanding of the service – barriers are raised without question!

If you would like to find out more, Nigel Wait, the Chair of CommuniCARe will be delighted to speak to you. Please telephone the CommuniCARe number – 07856 469508, leave a message and your contact details for Nigel to be in touch.

About Us

CommuniCARe provides transport for local residents to health appointments, many of which are to the Holmes Chapel Health Centre, dentist and opticians. Almost every passenger questions how they would get to appointments without this service as public transport options are often not available.

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