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Have you ever thought about growing your own fruit and vegetables, GM and pesticide free?

But you might need a bigger garden or perhaps to rent an allotment, and there lies the problem. Getting a bigger garden is certainly not affordable for most, and sadly renting an allotment in Holmes Chapel is not an option. We used to have a small number at one time, but they were lost to development.

So the question to the people of Holmes Chapel is, would you like an allotment, or do you know anybody who would?

There is a demand within the village, especially when you consider that growing your own vegetables is now getting to be very trendy, and not just an activity for those with too much grey hair. Many young families are taking up this activity as a way of getting out into the fresh air, and doing some physical activity.

The Partnership would like to help make this a reality but we have three challenges: finding the land, finding the money to buy and convert the land into allotments, and finally running the allotments as a community, not for profit, project.

We are just at the start of this project, but if you would like to register an interest in renting an allotment, have land to sell, or would like to support the Partnership to achieve our aim, then we would like to hear from you.


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