2020 Santa Sleigh Run

Little Girl with Christmas Present
Red Christmas Wreath

This is the third year that the Holmes Chapel Partnership (HCP) has managed the Santa Sleigh run around the village. Originally the Sleigh run was organised by the Holmes Chapel Round Table, then 41 Club and more recently the Holmes Chapel Rotary Club (sadly Round Table and Rotary are now closed in Holmes Chapel). HCP manage the safe operation (Elf and safety) of the sleigh, and the distribution of funds collected, but each night we have different local groups that bring Santa to your estate. 

Our planning for the 2020 Santa Sleigh Run is now in place, but as you might expect, things will be a little different this year. Those of you who have lived in the village a few years will know that Holmes Chapel has a tradition of Santa’s Sleigh coming around the estates in the evenings during December. All profits made (money collected minus the maintenance cost of the sleigh) are distributed to the groups who help with the sleigh. Normally, the sleigh will stop for children to come out and allow them to tell Santa what they would like for Christmas.

This year because of the Covid 19 restrictions, we have decided not to make collections on the sleigh as we normally do. But we did not want to cancel Christmas. So, all the usual groups who support us have agreed to brave the elements and still bring Santa on his Sleigh to see you all.

2020 Covid Compliant Sleigh Run

This year, due to Covid restrictions we are currently planning to do the following.

  • Santa will come around the estates on his sleigh and you are invited to cheer and clap, a bit like the Thursday night clap for the NHS.

  • You are asked not to come too close to the sleigh and maintain your social distance between your family group and others.

  • We will use the Sleigh tracker so you will be able to see where Santa is on any night.

  • The sleigh will travel slowly and stop at times so you can see Santa.

  • The sleigh will not be able to accept money from the public, but you will be encouraged to donate through our JustGiving.


The profits made will be distributed to the following groups; Holmes Chapel Scouts, Holmes Chapel Guides, Goostrey Scouts, Brereton Scouts, Holmes Chapel Pre-School, Holmes Chapel Viking Explorer Scouts , Dane Sound Radio , Holmes Chapel 41 Club and Holmes Chapel Tangent.

Funding Needs

This year the Scouts and Guides have not been able to undertake many of the normal fundraising activities that they rely on, yet have still had many of their costs.

Throughout this difficult year, Dane Sound Radio has continued to support our local community, all working on an entirely voluntary basis, yet they too have ongoing costs. 

Bridge the Gap has been forging more links between the young and old this year, by working with our local primary schools to introduce regular letters from our primary school children to people in our local residential homes.

Holmes Chapel 41 Club and Holmes Chapel Tangent will donate their share of profits collected to a local cause or charity which will be announced in the New Year.

Sleigh Run Schedule 

The sleigh teams try their best to get the sleigh close to each house, but sometimes, narrow roads or too many parked vehicles make it impossible to get to your house. And even if we can drive down a cul-de-sac, we need quite a large area to turn the sleigh around. You can, therefore, help us by trying not to park cars or vans on the road if you can.


And finally, if you want to know exactly where the sleigh is on any of the nights listed below, you can now Track Santa.


Just send a text to  07933 617016  sending the message G123456#

The sleigh runs are scheduled to start at 5.30 pm each evening and usually finish by 8.00 pm. But if the weather is bad or lots of children appear then Santa can get a little delayed.



Goostrey West: Booth Bed Lane, Sandy Lane, New Platt Lane and Blackberry Gardens

Sleigh Team : Goostrey Scouts



Goostrey East: Woodlands Drive, Buckbean Drive, Brooklands Drive , Bank View.

Sleigh Team : Goostrey Scouts



Brereton  Brereton Heath,  Brereton

Sleigh Team: Brereton Scouts



Bluebell Green Estate, then Brereton Grange, Pulford Road, Flint Close, Malpas Close, John Ford Way in Arclid.

Sleigh Team : Sibelco


Santa's day Off

Day Off



Holmes Chapel: Middlewich Road, Bessancourt, Brookfield, Chester Road, Westway, The Drive, The Millingfield.

Sleigh Team: Holmes Chapel Pre-School



Holmes Chapel: Hawthorn Villas, Sandiford Road, Station Road, Bromley Drive, London Road, Alum Drive.

Sleigh Team: Holmes Chapel Scouts



Holmes Chapel: Westmoreland Terrace, Sadlers Close through to Seddon Estate, Bramhall Drive to Ravenscroft and all Closes. 

Sleigh Team: Holmes Chapel Guides


 SALTERSFORD Gardens & West Hermitage

Saltersford Gardens Estate, then Macclesfield Road, Rees Crescent, Picton Square, Danefield Road and Riverside Crescent.

Sleigh Team: Viking Explorer Scouts Unit



Santa visiting Hermitage Primary School

Sleigh Team: Bridge the Gap



Elm Drive and all side roads off + Bridge Farm

Sleigh Team: Dane Sound Radio



Cotton Hall Estate, then the lakes Estate, Coniston Drive, Grasmere and offshoots.

Sleigh Team: Bridge the Gap



Day off

Day Off


Selkirk Drive & Balmoral Drive

Selkirk Drive (and side roads), Balmoral Drive (and side roads) to Southlands

Sleigh Team: Holmes Chapel Tangent


Rivers estate

Field View, Thatch Close, Severn Way, Deee Avenue, Humber Drive, Eden Grove, Wye Close, Ribble Close.

Sleigh Team: Holmes Chapel Scouts


Brereton Primary School

Santa visiting Brereton Primary School

Sleigh Team: Holmes Chapel Partnership


Portree drive

Poretree Drive and all closes off.

Sleigh Team: Holmes Chapel 41 Club


Cranage & Allostock

Cranage and Allostock, please track Santa to see where the sleigh is.

Sleigh Team: Holmes Chapel Guides


Holmes Chapel Primary School

Santa visiting Holmes Chapel Primary School 

Sleigh Team: Bridge the Gap