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Book & Jigsaw Exchange Scheme

To support our community, on behalf of Holmes Chapel Partnership, I have established a book and jigsaw exchange scheme.  Although a lot of people use electronic readers these days, a lot of our residents still like to read a physical book.  I live at 1 Riverside Crescent, CW4 7NR.


Thanks to everyone who has donated books, puzzles and DVD's, I now have more than enough DVD's and adult books and no more storage space.   I will still take jigsaws and childrens books and DVD's. Please only donate/lend if they have all their pieces.  If you would like these back put your name and address in the lid and I will return them to you after lockdown ends. Donations can also be left at The Parish Council Office in Church Walk.

All books and jigsaws will be dated on donation and will be quarantined for 72 hours.  If you would like to collect some for anyone you are looking after, or for yourself, please call round or email me on  I hope this will be operational by Saturday but donations are being accepted from today.


The library works on a self-service basis, which is operating from my garage at 1 Riverside Crescent, CW4 7NR. It will be open every day from around 9:30am - 6pm (possibly later). Respect social distancing rules, queue a safe distance outside and restrict entry to one family or one person at a time.


Thanks to the generosity of the village there are presently hundreds of books and a smaller number of jigsaws available for loan. All items have been and will be quarantined for 72 hours before going on display.


Please come and support this, spread the word particularly to elderly friends and neighbours who may be missing the library. Enjoy your downtime by reading.


A big thank you to Teresa for initiating this scheme for Holmes Chapel.

Teresa McFarquhar, Vice Chairman

Girl with Bookshelves
Missing Piece
"Books" Sign
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