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Holmes Chapel Safe Spaces

Holmes Chapel Partnership, with support from The Villages Mag, have introduced a Safe Space scheme in Holmes Chapel, following the success of similar projects in first Congleton, then Sandbach.


The scheme offers young and vulnerable people a safe retreat when out and about in the village. If anyone feels threatened, intimidated or in need of adult support they can seek refuge in locations with the Safe Space logo in their window.

Our current Safe Spaces are:

Safe spaces 2.jpeg
Bottle Bank.png

London Road


Macclesfield Road

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Home & Leisure,



Precinct, London Road


Precinct, London Road

Any commercial premises which have public liability insurance and are open to the public can be part of the scheme.


If that’s you and you’d like to become a Safe Space and help make Holmes Chapel a safer place for all, please contact and let us know.


We will then provide guidelines and a logo sticker to display in your window.

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