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Santa Sleigh Run

For over 40 years Santa's Sleigh has been a well-loved tradition of Christmas in Holmes Chapel & District. On December evenings, local voluntary groups bring Santa and his Sleigh around the neighbourhood so that excited children can meet Santa at their doorstep. Our current sleigh was built in 2022 having retired the previous one which was built in1989 by the Holmes Chapel Round Table, which sadly closed in 2002. In 2002, the Holmes Chapel Rotary Club took over the running of the sleigh until they also closed in 2018. Since 2018, Holmes Chapel Partnership have been the custodians of the Santa Sleigh.


We estimate that over the past 33 years, collections made using the Santa Sleigh have exceeded £100,000, all of which has been shared throughout our community, and has supported many local organisations and charities.

As well as donating cash when Santa visits,

you now also donate by text!


The sleigh teams try their best to get the sleigh close to each house, but sometimes, narrow roads or too many parked vehicles make it impossible to get to your house. If we can drive down a cul-de-sac, we need quite a large area to turn the sleigh around. You can help us by trying not to park cars or vans on the road if possible.

The sleigh runs are scheduled to start at 5.30 pm each evening and usually finish by 8.00 pm.

If the weather is bad or lots of children appear then Santa can get a little delayed. 

** PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is subject to change. Please check nearer the time for further updates **


You can find out exactly where Santa and his sleigh are at any time! All you need is a mobile phone as the location will be sent to you via text.

Call or text G123456# to: 07933 617016 to receive a link to Google maps with his exact location.

Sunday 3rd December

Holmes Chapel Christmas Market and Fair 3-7pm

Monday 4th December

Holmes Chapel: Middlewich Road, Bessancourt, Brookfield Drive (and side roads), Chester Road, Westway, The Drive, The Milling Field

Tuesday 5th December

Holmes Chapel: Hawthorn Villas, Sandiford Road (and side roads), Station Road, Bromley Drive, London Road, Alum Court

Wednesday 6th December

Holmes Chapel: Thatch Close, Brooklands Estate (Severn Way and side roads)

Thursday 7th December

Holmes Chapel: Saltersford Gardens Estate, Macclesfield Road, Victoria Mills, Rees Crescent, Picton Square, Danefield Road and Riverside Crescent

Friday 8th December

Holmes Chapel: Elm Drive and all side roads, Bridge Farm

Saturday 9th December

Daytime: Byley: Lowes Farm Shop

Evening: Holmes Chapel: Cotton Hall Estate, Lakes Estate (Broad Lane, Coniston Drive, Grasmere Drive and offshoots)

Sunday 10th December

No sleigh run

Monday 11th December

Holmes Chapel: Selkirk Drive (and side roads), Balmoral Drive (and side roads), Southlands

Tuesday 12th December

Goostrey West: Boothbed Lane, Sandy Lane, New Platt Lane and Blackberry Gardens

Wednesday 13th December

Goostrey East: Woodlands Drive, Buckbean Way, Brooklands Drive, Bank View

Thursday 14th December

Holmes Chapel: Westmorland Terrace, Sadler's Close through to Seddon Estate (Bramhall Drive to Ravenscroft) and all side roads

Friday 15th December

Brereton and Brereton Heath

Saturday 16th December

Holmes Chapel: Bluebell Green and Brereton Grange

Monday 18th December


Tuesday 19th December

Holmes Chapel: Portree Drive and all side roads

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