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If you feel that some improvements could be made to the roads, junctions, pavements and general traffic situation in and around Holmes Chapel (and who doesn’t?) you have until midnight on 31st March 2021 to give your reactions to these proposals of Cheshire East Council!

They promise:

The results of this exercise will inform the future direction of how to improve transport, walking and cycling in our towns. It will also inform proposals, which would be subject to further consultation, regarding changes to parking provision and potential changes to car parking charges in the borough. Please provide your feedback at:

There are one or two things you need to know before you tackle this!

  • Holmes Chapel does not feature as an independent settlement. Holmes Chapel comes under Middlewich

  • Not all the proposals made are relevant to Holmes Chapel but you can be selective in the sections you answer – the consultation does not require you to give a response each time

  • The proposals are organised into Objectives. There are then suggested Options which you can comment on. For example, in Objective 1 and the first Option which mentions Holmes Chapel is Option 4 (proposal to create a cycle path alongside the A54 between Middlewich and Holmes Chapel) Option 5 refers to bus services and then 9,10 and 11 are also relevant to Holmes Chapel.

  • Leave yourself an hour to complete it!


Holmes Chapel seems to be constantly overlooked when it comes to implementing improvements to our transport infrastructure. So many people responded to the survey from our Ward Councillors which contributed to the vote in favour of the 20’s Plenty motion that we know there is interest out there. If enough Holmes Chapel residents respond to this consultation and show that they won’t be ignored and overlooked, we can make things happen!


Please do try to complete the consultation, but if you do not have time, or just want to make one or two comments, you can do this by sending an e-mail with the title LTP Plans to

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