Holmes Chapel Virtual Open Gardens

Open Gardens – if Chelsea can do it virtually, so can we!

Have you been carefully tending your garden over the weeks of lockdown? What with the excellent weather and the time of year being suitable for planting seeds gardening has been the ideal occupation for being outside while staying at home. So now that your garden is looking beautiful wouldn’t it be nice to show it off?


Take some photos of the plants you are especially proud of and the effects that you have created either with colour, shapes or garden ornaments.


We have created this Virtual Open Gardens page to allow you to share the delights of your garden with everybody. Send your photos and a few words of description to projects@hcpartnership.co.uk and we will add your photos to the gallery of gardens and corners of gardens below. Who knows maybe next year we can make it real? We can choose a date or a weekend where we can all visit one another’s gardens in person to admire them – and the work that has gone into creating them!