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Dane Meadow

The Dane Meadow project - far and away the largest project in which we have been involved - started in 2012 as a joint project between the Partnership, the Parish Council and Cheshire East Council. The aim of the project was three-fold:

  • To improve access for all, by providing a surfaced drive from Daresbury Close (to allow disabled vehicles to get to the bottom of the meadow), and improving paths/steps within the area.

  • To provide educational facilities, by creating ponds, a bird hide and other facilities to encourage exploration of the area

  • To encourage art in the valley, including the provision of wrought iron signs and wood sculptures throughout the area

The project was funded jointly by the Parish Council, Natural England, and WREN, and was formally opened by Cllr Michael Jones in May 2014.

A map is available of the local walking routes around the Dane Meadow here:


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