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Holmes Chapel skate park

In partnership with Holmes Chapel Parish Council and Everybody Sport & Recreation

For many years, and at least since the Parish Plan was published in 2009, young people in the village had expressed a wish for a skateboard facility that they could use. Consideration had been given to placing this at either the Middlewich Road or Elm Drive playareas, but due to potential noise and safety issues these were discounted. However the 'arrival' of the new village community centre provided the opportunity for a skateboard / BMX park to be created within that site.

A formally constituted Youth Facilities Working Group was set up in November 2015 to look into if, how and when a Skateboard / BMX Park (and other facilities) could be provided within the community centre site. The group was comprised of PCSO Jill Cope, representatives from the Partnership and Holmes Chapel Parish Council and a number of young people from the village,

After consulting with the residents of the village, and more importantly the young people, the need for the skatepark was confirmed. In the summer of 2016 the Working Group invited several potential suppliers to visit and provide conceptual designs, with costings - based on the young people's requirements. These were refined down to suppliers of concrete parks and invitations for formal tenders were sent out.

We secured funding for the project from the following:

  1. The Veolia Environmental Trust

  2. Holmes Chapel Parish Council

  3. Cheshire Constabulary (Community Safety Fund)

  4. Holmes Chapel Partnership

  5. Holmes Chapel Methodist Church

  6. Monies raised by the young people in the village at their Bake Sale in January 2016

The winning supplier - Canvas Spaces Ltd - was subsequently selected and, once planning permission was granted by Cheshire East Council, work was able to begin (in February 2017). The skatepark was completed, and informally opened, by the beginning of April. It was formally opened in May, by PCSO Jill Cope.


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