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Holmes Chapel Christmas Market & Fair 2023

Sunday 3rd December 3-7pm

We need you to get involved in this amazing community event - it doesn't happen by magic! You decide when and how long you can help for. Even if you can only spare an hour, it all helps to ensure the event runs smoothly. 

Car Parking

Roles required:

Manage access to Tesco car park during fairground set up 9am-2pm.

Supervise disabled parking area 12-7pm

Check in traders to Red Lion car park 12-2.30pm

Check out traders from Red Lion car park 7-8pm

Supervise barriers and access at Costa end of A50 3-7pm

During event

Roles required:

Assist Father Christmas on sleigh, manage breaks and queue 3-7pm

Supervise disabled car park and food area (Parkway) 3-7pm

Supervise barrier at stage end of A50 3-7pm

Supervise indoor stall area 3-7pm

Supervise outdoor stall area 3-7pm

Litter picking 3-7pm

Market Build

Roles required:

Move barriers into place 12-2pm

Move and label event bins 12-2pm

Supervise pedestrians / cyclists 12-3pm

Supervise and help Scout Hall set up 11-3pm

Signage along A50 for first aid and lost child points

Help stall holders to set up 12-2.30pm

Event take down

Roles required:

Help stall holders clear up 7-8pm

Remove and return barriers 7-8pm

Take down posters and signage 7-8pm

Remove bins and litter pick 7-8pm

Supervise barriers for entrance and exit of vehicles 7-8pm

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