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Youth Shelters & Seating

During this last few months, the Partnership has continued to consult with the people in our village to try to find out what type of shelter people would like to see, and where it should be located. We kicked off an activity with the Holmes Chapel Youth Council back in June 2019, when they agreed to undertake a survey of teenagers in our village, the deadline for this survey is just days away at the time of writing, so I look forward to bringing you the results in our September Newsletter and on this web site. 


To supplement this activity and to raise awareness in the wider community we also displayed a range of seating shelter designs in our Partnership stand at the village fair on the 7th July, where we gave visitors to our stand the opportunity to vote for their preferred options. The voting showed that people felt a shelter with a roof would be their preference, and when you think about some of the rain we have had recently you can understand why. The various designs of shelter/seating that we looked at are shown below. However, we have found that the longer we look, the more options we find.

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