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Sensory garden

The area the Sensory Garden now covers had been inaccessible for years, as it was overrun with ivy and was home to three trees. The site first had to be cleared so that a path could be laid, the rocks from the site re-arranged to create different planting areas and fresh soil brought in.

As part of its Health & Wellbeing initiative Holmes Chapel Partnership funded the transformation. The groundwork was carried out initially by Duttons, according to a design drawn up by John Clowes, who also chose and obtained the plants and the new tree. There was full support from the Parish Council and from Anita Armitt who refurbished the “chit chat” benches next to the garden. The planting was carried out by members of the Partnership and the Village Volunteers.

The Sensory Garden was completed in September 2018 and, as it occupies such a central place in the village, is much admired and appreciated. Plants chosen for their colour, their shape, their perfume and their texture offer something to delight the senses in every season.

The following plans can be viewed by clicking on the links:

Please note that ALL existing trees in this area need to be removed due to the number of roots spreading under the surface.


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