Sunflower Competition

Holmes Chapel Partnership is inviting children in the village to see who can grow the tallest sunflower this summer. Once our competition has closed the child that has grown the tallest sunflower will receive a prize of a Insect House.

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Step-by-step Guide to Growing your Sunflower

If you collected a sunflower that we gave out on the 1st May 2021, then we have already done steps 1-4 for you. But if you could not collect one on that day then we have provided all the steps you require below.

It'll take about ten weeks to grow a sunflower from seed and here's how:

  1. Put some compost in a plastic pot/cup, almost to the top. Poke your finger in the soil to make a hole for your sunflower seed.

  2. Pop a sunflower seed into the hole then cover it with a little compost. Give it a water so it's nice and damp.

  3. Put the cup somewhere sunny like a windowsill. Give your sunflower a little water whenever it feels dry.

  4. You should see your plant poke through the soil after about 1 or 2 weeks. Now's the time to start measuring how much it grows each week - make a log of its progress. At this point send an e-mail to with your name and age so that we know you have joined our competition.

  5. When your plant grows too big for the cup, plant it in a bigger flowerpot or outside if you have somewhere warm and sunny.

  6. Watch it grow - how high will it go?  Share photos of your sunflower as it grows by sending them as a DM to our Facebook group @HolmesChapelPartnership or to our email

  7. When you think your sunflower has reached its maximum height then take a final measurement (from soil to the very top of the sunflower in centimetres) and take a photo. Send your measurement to us (again to with you name and photo of your sunflower. Don’t forget that our competition closes on the 31st August 2021, so we will need your final measurement by then. 


For more detail of the early stages watch this video

Also have a look at this video which shows what you can grow from seed planting in early June.


When the sunflower head starts to turn brown, cut it off and hang it somewhere dry and airy. When the seeds are dry, rub them together to loosen them. Birds can eat your seeds if you leave them in the garden. You could even put them in a bird feeder.

Download these instructions here