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New safe walking route to Harry Styles Wall at Twemlow Viaduct

Over the past year Holmes Chapel has seen an increase in visitors coming to pay homage to pop superstar Harry Styles who grew up in the village.

The Holmes Chapel Partnership were concerned about how many fans were using the A535 to access Twemlow Viaduct where ‘Harry’s Wall’ is located and so has created a specific map as part of their ‘Safe Walking Routes’ project which shows the safest walking route from Holmes Chapel train station to the Viaduct, then continues through the village.

Fans come from all over the world to visit:

  • Twemlow Viaduct: which was featured in a documentary and where Harry allegedly had his first kiss

  • Mandeville’s Bakery: where Harry worked on a Saturday before entering X Factor

  • Fortune City Restaurant: Harry lived near the restaurant and even took Taylor Swift there

Although it may be the quickest route, the A535 is a very busy road with no parking and no pavements. The pedestrian access is part of the Dane Valley Way public footpath, which crosses the A535.

BBC news followed the route and you can see some of their footage here:

Thanks go to Cllr Andrew Kolker who highlighted this issue with Cheshire East as reported here:


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