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The 2Gs grand challenge

With fitness and obesity being constant topics of interest and concern in the media Holmes Chapel Partnership wanted to do its bit towards getting Holmes Chapel residents moving.

As part of our Health & Wellbeing Campaign we launched The 2Gs Grand Challenge in early 2016, in partnership with and with expert input from Everybody Sport and Recreation. We are delighted to be sponsored by both Active Cheshire and Cheshire East. The Challenge aimed to improve the general fitness of both older and younger residents in the village, across the generations - hence ‘The 2 Gs’ in the name of the campaign. Participation was completely free, and open to teams of at least one adult (grandparent/parent/uncle/aunt) and at least one young person (grandchild/child/nephew or niece), living locally. We asked that participants agreed to take part in the programme for a minimum of 12 weeks and:

  • completed a simple heath questionnaire before they started exercising

  • agreed to keep records of their exercise sessions throughout the 12 week period

  • completed a mid-term questionnaire

  • completed a questionnaire at the end of the 12 week period​

In return, we:

  • helped teams decide the best sort of exercise for their personal circumstances - such as walking, jogging, swimming, running or even gardening - whatever they felt they can manage!

  • offered free pedometers for any/all team members to monitor their walking/running achievements

In total 101 individuals signed up for the challenge, of which 29 completed the full challenge.


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